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Install a new map in HSFX 7.03

Post by Sergeant Pepper » Tue Aug 13, 2019 6:35 pm

You want install a NEW map (check your game first). 8-)
You 've got & unzipped the map's folder.
But you're in HSFX 7.03 and nobody told you how to do. :cry:

This "tutorial" is made for you.

You know: in HSFX 7.03, mods can be added by two ways.
First: Jsgmemods folder and jsgme.exe.
Second: MODS folder, created by you.

For each adding one way only, one or the other.

Inside MODS folder you've created a new (for added mods) STD folder.
Inside this new STD folder you 've pasted three folders (com, gui, i18n) after copy in "Files" folder of the root folder (IL2 Sturmovik 1946).

So what about maps????
I looked a long time for " how to". No real and simple tutorial for guys like me (old newbie with mods and...french).
I've found!!!
I’m happy. :oops:

Inside MODS folder, create a MAPMODS folder (not in STD!!!).
Inside you have to create a Maps folder.
Then go to "Files folder" of root folder . There is a maps folder. Inside ONE file: all.ini.
It's a list of all maps of your game with extensions ".ini"
Like this « Name of map load.ini. »
Or "name of map" s load.ini and name of map w load.ini
S for summer, W for winter.

Copy the file air.ini and paste it into HSFX 7.03/IL2 Sturmovik 1946/MODS/MAPMODS/Maps
Here and nowhere else you have to modify all about NEW maps.

Now let's install a map.
For example…Map_BoF_1940
Inside dowloaded folder, you'll find a jgsmemods folder.
Open it: inside a file Map_BoF_1940.jsgme. Open & read it (just info).
And a « Files » Folder
Open it.
Inside there is a maps folder. Don't worry, be happy: end coming soon.
Open it.
Inside : a file & a folder.
The folder is named « ash_BoF »
Copy and paste this folder into "HSFX 7.03/IL2 Sturmovik 1946/MODS/MAPMODS/Maps" .

Ther's too an "all.ini" file.
If you copy and paste it in HSFX 7.03/IL2 Sturmovik 1946/MODS/MAPMODS/Maps it will replace your copy of HSFX 7.03 all.ini.
So don't do that.
It will be the mess : HSFX 6 and HSFX 7 aren’t the same.

Open the "all.ini" and look inside for your map's name.
Here it is.
CoralSeaOnline2 CoralSea/2_load.ini
Empty1a Empty1a/load.ini
Empty1a_Winter Empty1a_Winter/load.ini
Empty1b Empty1b/load.ini
Empty1b_Winter Empty1b_Winter/load.ini
Empty2a Empty2a/load.ini
Empty2a_Winter Empty2a_Winter/load.ini
Empty2b Empty2b/load.ini
Empty2b_Winter Empty2b_Winter/load.ini
Empty4a Empty4a/load.ini
Empty4b Empty4b/load.ini
NetIslands NetIslands/load.ini
Net7Islands Net7Islands/load.ini
PalauOnline Palau/Online_load.ini
AutumnStgrad Stgrad/aload.ini
ferte fa/load.ini

BoF_1940(jsgme) ash_BoF/ash_load.ini
BoF_1940Online(jsgme) ash_BoF/ash_Oload.ini

2B_FlightTest 2B_FlightTest/load.ini
Ardennes_S Ardennes/sload.ini
Ardennes_W Ardennes/wload.ini
ArdennesWinter(tab) Ardennes/tab_wload.ini
Balaton Balaton/load.ini
Balaton_winter Balaton/load_w.ini
BalatonSE BalatonSE/load.ini
Balaton_winterSE BalatonSE/load_w.ini
Berlin Berlin/load.ini
BerlinAutumn Berlin/Autumn_CKY_load.ini
BerlinWinter Berlin/Winter_CKY_load.ini
Bessarabia Bessarabia/load.ini
Iasi_Online Bessarabia/load_Iasi.ini
Odessa_Online Bessarabia/load_Odessa.ini
Crimea Crimea/load.ini
Crimea_Autumn(LAL) Crimea/LAL_crimeaautumn.ini
Crimea_Summer(LAL) Crimea/LAL_crimeasummer.ini
Crimea_Winter(LAL) Crimea/LAL_crimeawinter.ini
Crimea_Mud(LAL) Crimea/LAL_crimeamud.ini
Burma Burma/load.ini
Chichi Chichi/load.ini
Downside [all] ,look for your map's name (here 2).
Easy to find, we’re lucky.
BoF_1940(jsgme) ash_BoF/ash_load.ini
BoF_1940Online(jsgme) ash_BoF/ash_Oload.ini
Two lines.
Copy and paste them in your all.ini file of:
HSFX 7.03/IL2 Sturmovik 1946/MODS/MAPMODS/Maps /
Under [all].

That’s all, folks ! :mrgreen:
Run your game, open FMB editor : map is here.
And you can edit a mission. Aircrafts are flying above.
I’ve tested, waiting for a bug.
All seems OK.
BUT…it doesn’t work so easy for any other maps…
Look for HSFX compatible maps.
Many downloaded addon map’s folders aren’t built like this.
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