Fw190A cowl ring details not showing

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Re: Fw190A cowl ring details not showing

Post by Bestekampfpilot58 » Fri Aug 16, 2019 5:34 am

Hey Barnesy,

Thanks for the feed back, appreciate it! As I've made clear, Gimp is still giving me fits with
it's idiosyncratic behavior!! But, I'm working things out. I did take a fair amount of time off
from Gimp because of dry eyes and a few other issues...I'm getting there, but slowly!
When I figure some steps out, like clear stencils and markings, and high lighting the planes
that I'm working on, then I should be able to produce some work that I'm happy with..
I'm still looking at doing a skin(s) for one of your reworked Bf109G-K series that you did
last year..
Transit umbra, lux permanet

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